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20% off on your first visit

20% off on your first visit
If you haven't yet experienced professional skincare and facial massage, or if you're simply seeking a place to unwind with a full body massage, we invite you to FaceRoom studio with a delightful discount on your initial appointment!

Relax and rejuvenate

FaceRoom is a place where you can disconnect from the bustling reality and unwind both your mind and body. The cozy atmosphere, comfortable chairs, and subdued music create the perfect setting for complete relaxation.

Experience comprehensive care

Our face practitioners combine facial massage with skincare programs. You can indulge in the soothing techniques of our face gurus, while your skin receives intensive care. Regular skincare will bestow beauty and youth upon your skin for years to come.

Witness the results

In our work, we exclusively use high-quality professional cosmetics from the premium segment, with concentrations of beneficial active ingredients significantly higher than those in home care products. After just the first visit, you will see a visible effect and feel the difference.

Discover "your own"

We have developed face practices for young, mature, sensitive, problematic, and other skin types. You will certainly find a practice that addresses the specific needs of your skin.

30% discount on your first visit

We want you to experience all the benefits of professional care at FaceRoom, which is why we offer a 30% discount on your initial appointment. Visit our studio and attain maximum results from our procedures at an attractive price.

20% off on your first visit

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